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Luis Ramos Janiero creates Arcitic-skimming Flying Sub.

Voyage Fan 
Luis Ramos 
Janeiro from
Venezuela and check out his Computer

Meet Luis. 


Luis tells Mike's VTTBOTS Zone that his fascination with Voyage began when he was only seven years old during its original run on Venevision, Channel 4 in Venezuela, the year, 1964.  The show aired Thursday nights at 8pm.  As with so many of us, he was blown away by the fantastic images and stories that were like none he'd seen before.  And, just like the webmaster of this site, he fell for Seaview's design (best damn submarine design ever in a movie or TV series!)     Fine imagery of submerged Seaview.

Composite image from Day of Evil.
Composite scene of Seaview, Flying Sub and UFO from Day of Evil.

   Luis, as do many Voyage fans, prefers the first season shows for their combination of great production values, special effects, and superior stories and writing.  Luis notes that in times past, he worked with wood and plastic in the creation of models, but that the use of computer graphics has opened up a whole new dimension, allowing the recreation of practically any environment or situation based on Voyage episodes, and that everyone can do the same with a PC and the right hardware and software. 

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bluebul_reversed.gif - 362 Bytes For Luis' Arctic Seaview, click here.

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"Day of Evil,"
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Find out more about the specific's of how Luis creates his art and see the wire models he created for Seaview.  Click on image below  bluebul.gif_large_down.gif - 992 Bytes


Link to more on Luis Ramos Janeiros computer Seaview models.
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FS! approaches Seaview surfaced in Arctic polynia.
Seaview surfaced in Arctic polynia, FS-1 approaches.

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FS-1 skims the Arctic sea. Taking the plunge! FS-1 submerged.

A fine series of shots of the Flying Sub in the Arctic created by Luis and kindly offered to this site for display

Nifty night time imagery of Seaview and FS-1.
Luis Ramos Janiero - Jonah and the Whale.

At left, allowing us to see scenes and situations we've never encountered before, Seaview and the Flying sub at night.   At right, here comes that mammoth mammal from "Jonah and the Whale."

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