Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Computer generated images
inspired by the Voyage episode "Day of Evil" with more than a nod to "The Sky Is Falling."  Created by
Luis Ramos Janeiro

   Seaview, Flying Sub and alien spacecraft.

The space ship is the same one seen in The Day The Earth Stood Still.   
Five years ago, when I first started this website, I had no idea that it would grow into a three hundred-plus page monster.  Oh, how innocent. 

Likewise, I had no idea that I would eventually start getting emails out of the blue from people all over the world--normal, regular, everyday people who have real lives, but who also retain a love and fascination for a certain forty-plus year-old movie and television show.  Luis Ramos Janeiro is obviously one of these people.     Seaview does rock n roll controlled by alien vessil.

Seaview drifts toward surface along with alien craft.   Wonderful night time take-off shot of alien craft created by Luis Ramos Janeiro.

The images on this page could easily also be from the Season-One episode "The Sky Is Falling." but for the presense of the Flying Sub and the later-season four-port version of Seaview.  One of Luis' talents seems to be creating night shots (right).  Eerie and credible. 

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