Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Picture Page
TV's Admiral Nelson

A dramatic publicity
photo of Richard
Basehart in Admiral's
garb.  Notice the four
stars on his collar.

Admiral Harriman Nelson

Mr. Morton--this thing still needs grease. After season one, the redesigned Seaview must have had a remote periscope assembly.  The control room's new placement adjacent to Observation (near the bow) would have put the periscope miles away from the fairwater (conning tower), where the actual sail and scopes were located.  So some sort of system (Electronic?  Most likely.) would have been required to get data and images to the standard looking periscope assembly in Control.  Somewhere, Irwin is saying, "Picky, picky."

The warmhearted side of Richard Basehart              

I'll say it again . . . boy those Altoids are strong!

What a great dad
the Admiral
would have made.

Who would believe that Lee,
Mr. Morton and myself could
fit inside this tiny little model? 
And boy--those Altoids are strong!

Admiral Nelson--NRA member?

Alright, Lee,
give me the keys to the diving bell.

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Which one of these thingies
has the M&Ms behind it?

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