Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Richard Basehart & guest George Sanders

Richard Basehart confers with Voyage guest star George Sanders between takes during filming of "The Traitor," the final first-run show to be broadcast in the premiere season.  At that time, Voyage was shot on Twentieth's small and cramped Stage B.  Away from the Seaview and Institute sets, props, lighting and other equipment were piled high, as can be seen in the background in this photo.  Although not quite the romantic image of work in the film industry, this shot reflects the way it actually was in the studio.

   So which one, do you think, was the traitor?


George Sanders was capable of a fabulous scowl.


  At left, George Sanders looking a bit sinister during filming of "The Traitor".  At right, a friendlier Sanders poses in front of a stack of the lightweight empty barrels often incorporated into the filming of fight sequences.  In the photo above, note the large boxes which were equally popular fight sequence props.  Voyage regular Ray Didsbury explains it this way: "they were often used to land on to break falls that the stuntmen would take.  For particularly high falls, an air bag would be surrounded by the boxes so that when a stuntman fell, it looked like he had landed on the boxes when in reality he had hit the hidden air bag."  Props ordered from the prop or set-dressing departments often temporarily dotted the limited stage area.  


The man looks good in a suit.


Production shots from the episode THE TRAITOR.
Behind-the-scene images reveal guest star George Sanders and Richard Basehart discussing a scene right and left, and the camera crew and technicians in foreground (middle photo).  Views like these only begin to suggest just how much goes on that you don't see onscreen in the final product. 

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