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Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea
Classic Episode Guide - "Mutiny"
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Unless Seaview's runaway descent can be halted, she may not be long for this world.  Crane orders the forward camera activated and after several bad possibilities, spots a plateau which he decides to make for.  Crane warns everyone to stand fast and steers by engines for their chosen destination.

Seaview in deadly danger.
Out of control and headed down. 


Monitor-eye view of salvation.
Plateau ahead, Captain.

Crane realizes there's a way out.
That's the one.

Seaview settles onto plateau.
Bumpy touchdown coming up.

A stubborn Admiral Starke   The bullish Stark ignores Crane's order to stand fast, and is thrown to the deck when Seaview comes to rocky rest.  It's one more embarrassment for the already grumpy Stark.  Nelson, snapping out of his doodling frenzy, orders divers out to collect rock samples.  He wants to verify his theory that a heavy concentration of militarily valuable carnotite ore is causing Seaview's control problems and is responsible for the coelenterate's excessive growth. Helping the old guy up.

Crane sets to work trying to figure a way out of their situation.  They can't blow ballast because the controls are locked, but at least they can maneuver by engines.  With a flourish, he heads back to the control room with Chip Morton in order to pose their dilemma to the computer, which finally kicks out a surprising answer as to how they can get to the surface. 

When the diving party returns, one man in particular is covered with small jellyfish, and they are dangerously radioactive Doc announces as he hustles the men off for decontamination.  The collected samples are determined to be rich in carnotite, which Nelson declares a great find.    In the control room, Crane tears a readout from the computer, studies it, and tells Chip Morton the computer's surprising results -- they must dive the boat to almost 4,500 feet in order to pick up the speed they'll need to maneuver by planes to the surface.  Morton is surprised at the results and asks what the Admiral thinks about a plan that will take them to within 50 feet of crush depth.    Coelentera attached to diver.

It is at this point that the hyper Nelson rushes into control:  Let's blow ballast and get out of here.
Crane:  We can't blow our ballast.  Admiral, we should put a full down angle on the planes and dive. 
Nelson (increasingly agitated): Down Angle?  Lee, have you taken leave of your senses?  Put a full up angle on the planes, all ahead full!

A worried Crane.
What about the
computer report?
Nelson come's apart at the suggestion they dive to where the monster could be.
Hang the computer!  I designed this
submarine.  I know how she works.

Captain Crane, you're relieved of duty.
Mr. Morton, will you escort
Mr. Crane to his cabin.

Taking control at gunpoint.
Now, this ship is
MY responsibility!

Crane: What about the computer report?
Nelson suddenly explodes:
Hang the computer!  I designed this submarine -- I know how she works!
Starke: Mutiny is a hanging office, Captain. 
Crane: Before you can hang me, I'm going to get this  ship home.  (Into the intercom) Full down angle on all planes, all ahead flank.
Desperately, Nelson pleads: Lee, don't -- IT'S down their.
Crane ignores Nelson's orders: Dive.  Repeat, dive!

And dive they do, right off the edge of the plateau, plunging downward in an attempt to attain the speed they need to maneuver by planes.  Just in time, Crane get's the magic number he needs and orders a full up angle on the planes, and heads Seaview for the surface.    
Easing off the plateau to an uncertain future.

Richard Basehart fans, for an expanded photo-feature on the confronta-tion between Crane and Nelson,  Click Here

It's down there.
Lee, no.  IT'S down there!

Richard Basehart is certainly one of the finest actors ever to have appeared in a continuing television series.
Get out of my site!

You drew a gun on me!

Crane Announces: We're leveling off -- just as the computer predicted.
Amidst tension so thick you could cut it with (yes) a knife, Crane turns to go to his cabin as previously ordered.
  I . . . (Crane turns to lock gaze with the Admiral) I treated you like a brother.  (Nelson shouts) You drew a gun on me.  Get out of here.  Get out of my sight . . . Mr. Morton, you're in command of the Seaview.  Set course for home.  (Nelson turns to Admiral Starke)   Jiggs, however temporarily, this was a Navy ship.  Captain Crane mutinied.  I demand a general court martial.
Admiral Starke: But Lee was right.  He saved this ship and all hands.
Nelson (tortured) Mutiny . . . mutiny . . . he drew . . . a gun on me.  He drew a gun on me. 

Starke now knows there is something seriously wrong with his friend: Harriman, I think we should go to your cabin.
Nelson continues, his rage unabated: You . . . you were right Jiggs.  You were right.  The Seaview is a loose ship, a mutinous ship.  Mutineers -- ALL of you.

You were right, Jiggs.
I demand a general court martial.

    . . . a mutinous ship!
The Seaview is a loose ship.

Frustration and defeat.
Mutineers, ALL of you.

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