Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

What follows is an attempt to catch the amazing focus and intensity of Richard Basehart at work in the Voyage episode "Mutiny."  David Hedison turns in a fabulous performance in this episode, but the focus in the scene is obviously on Basehart.  Crane confronts Nelson, made irrational by medication prescribed after his ordeal at sea and tells him they must dive to get the maneuvering speed they need to avoid destruction.  Nelson is furious and frightened . . .

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"We should dive!"


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"Have you taken leave of your senses?"

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"What about the computer report?"

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"Hang the computer!"


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"Captain Crane, you're relieved of duty."


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"This ship is my responsibility!"

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"Lee, no, IT'S down there."


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Seaview eases off the cliff to the deeps.


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"I . . ."

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Crane turns to hear the Admiral


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"I treated you . . ."


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". . .like a brother."

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"You drew a gun on me . . ."


mutiny_22.jpg - 13207 BytesG
"Get out of my site!"


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"Jiggs, I demand a general court martial!"


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