Nelson sits stunned and confused, something is terribly wrong with him, but what?

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea
Classic Episode Guide - "Mutiny"
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Nelson collapses on the periscope stand, his eyes on some other world as Captain Crane stews, confined in his cabin.  Doc bursts into Crane's cabin with news that one of the divers fell into a coma and has died, the victim of electromagnetic radiation picked up from the coelenterates.  The other diver is OK but Doc points out he could develop symptoms even weeks later.  Worried, Crane asks what kind of symptoms. 

Doc: Personality changes first, like allergies to certain medications.  The symptoms are talkativeness followed by depression, irritabilty.  Just before the coma, there may be a violent episode.  Unlike drug reactions, which are reversible, irradiated brain cells are always fatal. 

Crane is now stricken, putting two and two together:  Just at this moment that the coelenterate shows itself and Admiral Starke, realizing now that Crane was right all along, orders the Captain to the control room on the double. 

Not good news.
Irradiated brain cells are always fatal.

Admiral Starke knows when to admit he's wrong.
Crane, get up here on the double. 

    Arriving in control and finding Seaview in deadly danger, Crane formulates a plan to fight the coelenterate.  He snaps his jittery crew back into focus with just a few words, a fact which registers positively with Starke
All right, pull yourselves together.  Then he announces, We'll hit the coelenterate with an electrical charge.  Ready the attack generators.

Pull yourselves together.
All right, pull yourselves together.

Here comes dinner?
The monstrous coelenterate decends  for the kill and Crane orders the attack-generators into action.  Fire 1, he orders.  The result is a spectacular display which, luckily for Seaview, begins to have an effect.  Fire 2, 3, 4 the Captain orders.
  Prepare to fire attack generators.

Coelenterate begins to suspect tangling with Seaview not a good idea.
Going . . .

Fading . . .
Going . . .

The tables have been turned.

The giant mutation destroyed, Admiral Stark and Captain Crane head to sick bay to check on Nelson's condition.  It seems Crane's worst fears are unfounded.  Not a victim of radiation, Doc says Nelson has been suffering a reaction to medications prescribed in relation to his ordeal at sea.  As Doc says: Throw these away and he'll be as good as new.  And throw them away he does, as Starke and Crane look on with relief.       mutiny_doc_tosses_pills.jpg - 9270 Bytes
nelson_proud.jpg - 12380 Bytes       
It is obvious that Admiral Starke has reevaluated his feelings about Seaview's captain, and he makes it fairly obvious when he says about Nelson: He's Navy all right.  Old or new, it doesn't matter . . . Oh, and so are you, Captain.  He should be proud.
Nelson rouses momentarily, turns toward his two friends, and says:  He is.  Mighty proud.  And with this comment, a fine episode comes to an end and  Seaview sails off to a new adventure.

mutiny_sail_into_sunset.jpg - 17031 Bytes
Heading off to a new adventure.

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