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Great composition and color......

Captain Lee Crane.  Of course he had to get into colorful situations with lots of daring-do and adventure . . . he was born that way.  Crane was brought into Seaview's family after the untimely death of Captain John Phillips. Originally by-the-book, Lee Crane's style evolved over the years, as a byproduct of exposure to Admiral Nelson's often creative yet direct means of dealing with problems. 

Stark reality from season one's I know, Chip--the stairs lead nowhere.
Thanks to Stephanie Kellerman for these photos.
At it's best, Voyage was fabulously photographed by Winton Hoch.


Lee Crane and Venusian sans love beads.

"Just what I need--another visit with
an IRS field operative."  Is that a smile on the Captain's face?  If so, perhaps it's understandable considering . . .

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If this photo were from the fourth season, you could bet it was likely that Lee and Katy were laughing not at some joke cracked by the photographer,but at the script.  Oops!

Capt. Lee Crane with really dark hair.      Oops...caught in the act!      I can be just as likable as the Admiral.
Hats off to Captain Lee Crane as ably portrayed by David Hedison.

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