Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Thomas' Test Hull computer rendering

Picture at right below is what is claimed to be the actual model of the test hull used by the Voyage miniature crew to film the underwater sequences for the episode, "The Condemned".  Sold recently on ebay, it certainly looks like it might well be the real thing.  Given Irwin Allen's propensity for reusing effects and props, it's not surprising that the miniature and full-sized set turned up in the season 2 episode "The Shape of
Doom", in which it's supposed to be a nuclear bomb that get's swallowed by a whale.  Thanks to Thomas7g for the tip on this.  Shamefully, I'd forgotten--Mike.

shape_of_doom.jpg - 12403 Bytes
Full set as seen in "The Shape of Doom"

condemned_testhull_model.jpg - 25506 Bytes
Original miniature constructed for "The Condemned"

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