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Computer art Test Hull

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I'm a big-shot, gentlmen.
In the observation nose, Nelson and Archer gaze out Seaview's transparent herculite viewports as they contemplate their surroundings. 
It's a whole new world, Admiral.
Nelson: A world of perpetual night.
Archer: Fascinating.  It reminds me of a line that Admiral Falk's father wrote: The abyss is where your nightmares live.
Falk enters the room unseen and ads his two cents.
My father was a much better writer than he was a scientist.   Nightmares are the dreams of the ignorant.  My dreams have conquered the sea.  We've done the impossible.  We're Heroes. 

Oh yeah, well my father can beat up your father. Archer becomes incensed at Falk's grandstanding and immediately lets him have it.
There's only one hero, Falk--you.  You've done it--all alone.  Bentley Falk Jr. conquers the sea... Bentley Falk Jr.--greatest
scientist in the world.... Bentley Falk Junior is the . . .
At this point, Archer suffers a heart attack and falls down dead.  Bending over the stricken man, Nelson discovers a bottle of Digitalis. 
Did you know he had a heart condition?
Falk, once again, lying through his teeth: Of course not.

I knew I shouldn't have had the duck.
Archer suffers a heart attack.

Admiral, here comes that Irwin ALlen guy again. So the fat's in the fire.  Even as Falk and Nelson bend over the deceased Archer, Falk's press agent (Hoff) sees the hitherto waiting creature now spotted in Seaview's forward floodlight.  Screenwriters being what they are, the creature has arrived just in time to turn the knife now stuck in Falk's belly.  For without Archer, Falk is helpless to run the equipment necessary to get them off the bottom.  He knows it, as will everyone else on board soon enough.

In the equipment room, Nelson orders Falk to make the adjustments to get them off the bottom.  After uncertain stalling, Falk fiddles with the dials and proclaims them ready to surface.  As Seaview rises away from the dangerous creature, an ominous hissing sounds and pressure builds up in the hull.  Nelson must dive back down to keep Seaview from exploding.
Tell me what's wrong Falk.
Falk:Nothing could go wrong.  Nothing's been left to chance.  Archer told me so.
Intense knob twisting.

My mother does NOT wear army boots.
I don't bother with details.

  Nelson: Archer told you ?  But you were the head of the project--you built the machine.  Who knows it better than you?
Falk: I don't bother with details.  I told Archer what I wanted and he built it.  It's all Archer's fault.
Nelson: But you know how it works.
Falk: I'm a scientist, not a mechanic.  I conceived the idea for this machine.  The breathing mixture was my idea. 
Nelson: Falk, who built this machine?  Who turned the idea into reality?

Gypsy got it right on MS3TK...Richard Basehart is God
Falk, who built this machine?

My parents couldn't afford orthodontia!

Falk: My idea!  The name of Bentley Falk will live forever in the annals of science.
Nelson: Then tell me how to get us back to the surface.
Falk: I can't.  Don't you understand?  I left the details to Archer.
Nelson: I understand, Falk.  I understand you're a thief and a fraud and that you've dishonored your father's name.
Falk: My father!  I've lived in my father's shadow all my life.  I'm a bigger man than my father ever was.  Look at my achievments--look at the honors they've bestowed on me.
Nelson: They belong to Archer and to Hoff, your press agent.  I wonder if you've ever done anything in your life for yourself?

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