What's Ishmael doing aboard Seaview?
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Yup--it's that computer generated artwork again.

For a full-size view of the artwork, above right, by Thomas7g, Click here.

Stuck, for the time, on the bottom, and now under attack by the creature, Crane orders Morton to bring the reactors up full and fire a charge through the hull. For once, this trick doesn't work, and the boat dances the old rock and roll, as Falk, perhaps wakened to some last minute sense of honor, finds his way to the missile room where he dons a diving suit.  Undersea flashlight in hand, he prepares to attempt to distract the creature.  His guess that light will do the trick at that depth, is a good one.  As the boat is tossed too and fro, Hoff tracks him down and discovers him about to enter the escape chamber. Gee, that tickles.

A struggle on board.
Falk puts Hoff's lights out...

Diving equipment by Voit.
makes good his exit from Seaview...

Thank heavens nobody ran the batteries down.
and puts light on the creature.

Following a very brief struggle, Falk knocks Hoff out and makes good his exit through the escape chamber.  One assumes that the speeded up molecules in his body enable him to temporarily withstand the incredible pressure of the deep.  He uses the powerful light to distract the creature of darkness and Seaview escapes to the surface in a flurry of bubbles, unaware of Falk's sacrifice until Hoff comes to and informs Nelson and Crane.

There's your bandage, that'll be $1,479.57 please.
Hoff Comes-to


Another great shot of the 18 footer from Fox's Sersen Lake.
Seaview on her way.

Hoff: It's like something I've never seen before.  He said he wanted to do something really important for once in his life. 
Crane: He did something alright.  By distracting the creature, he saved the life of every man on board.
Hoff: The Falk legend meant  everything to him, Admiral.  Are you going to expose him?
Nelson: Well, what good would it do?
Hoff: Thank you, sir.
Nelson: You can thank me by making sure that Archer gets every bit of credit he deserves as the man who made Bentley Falk's ideas work.
Hoff: I will, Admiral.  By the time I get through, Archer will be as famous as Falk. 
Before Nelson and Crane exit back to their duties, Hoff asks, By the way, Admiral, could you use a good Press Secretary?
Crane and Nelson rush out for fresh air.

It is interesting to note, that Hoff, press secretary/flak-man to the end, reports comments made by Falk just before he sacrificed his life, that indeed, he's never seen making, and that he could not possibly have had time to make.  Hoff makes it up, just like any really good flak-man would do. Hoff actually believed in Falk, and when push came to shove, there was at least some reason for that belief.  (No, I'm not forgetting Falk was also a cold-blooded killer.) 
Hats off to Press Secretary Hoff.
---Mike Bailey

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