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Irwin Allen in action, perhaps discussing the fine points of how he wants this scene, set early  on in the Voyage pilot episode to play out.  In the background, the script coordinator works with Richard Basehart.  As this photo suggests, the great bulk of television production involves preparation, and very often sitting around and waiting by the actor's (assuming they have their part memorized.)  Electrical chords often snake across the set if they will not be be caught by the camera in a particular scene.     pilot_irwin_lights.jpg - 28020 Bytes

pilot_irwin_crane_fight2.jpg - 12735 Bytes   At left, Irwin discusses the choreography of Captain Crane's boarding sequence, in which he manages to sneak aboard Seaview before being caught by the chief of the boat.  At right, a still shot of rehearsal for the take.  Scenes involving struggle usually receive plenty of rehearsal so that no one is hurt.    pilot_irwin_crane_fight1.jpg - 13034 Bytes

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