Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
 Photo Gallery.

4 foot Seaview model
Rare photo of 4 foot Seaview miniature, seldom seen this close-up.
(The one on display in Admiral Nelson's cabin, the Voyage TV series.)

It's OK Diane, you've stopped leaking.     Aye, Captain, you learned well at
the Navel Academy.  Always keep
the mermaid's navel covered. 
You never know when those damn
censors are going to tune in. 
Here, you see none other than
Voyage leading man David Hedison
carrying out the will of the (damn)
censors, not out of prudishness,
but out of concern for Voyage
guest-star Diane (The Mermaid)
Webber's reputation.

New special-effects, a decent script and guest star Vincent Price made "The Deadly Dolls" a very watchable, if improbably episode of Voyage.  Hmmm... do you suppose it might make the basis for a sequel of some sort?

Nelson and Crane with their own Mini-Me(s)

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