Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Why was this model used for only one effects sequence?
This is the model used to create the mystery-plane footage for theVoyage pilot episode.  The plane was under the control of  the mysterious and obviously evil Dr. Gamma, and was used to attack Seaview at sea and after she had surfaced through the Polar Ice.  As was the Flying Sub during it's flight sequences, this model was flown on fine wires and powered mainly by gravity.
No, it says right here in the script, Admiral, I'm taller than you are.
Admiral, I'm having trouble deciding which is the real monster, our friend in black, or this script

Request your Richard Basehart interview below.

TV Guide cover photo, June 1965

          This is a cleaned-up copy of the fine TV Guide cover-photo featuring Richard Basehart and David Hedison which appeared in 1965.  Inside, a story focusing on Basehart, the man and the actor.  If you would like a free copy of this interesting article/interview, email me here .          

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