Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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The Joys of Rock 'n Roll Irwin Allen Style

As always, the intrepid crew of submarine Seaview laughs in the face of danger.

               You ever wonder what the cast really thought about their weekly bouts with the good old "rock and roll", where they had to pretend to be being tossed about willy-nilly as the director banged on a bucket with a hammer to keep them all in synch?  Take a close look, and you can see by the smiles on their faces that certain undisciplined crew members were having a bit more fun than Irwin Allen probably wanted them to be having.  Good heavens, even the stern Chip Morton has broken out into a grin.  Wipe those smiles off of your faces, gentlemen.               

outtakes_voyage.jpg - 22776 Bytes

Skip Homeier played an overzealous scientist who successfully adds gills
to humans--all fine and good until he starts kidnapping unsuspecting
divers and carrying out the courtesy for them too.  The above production
out takes come from the year-one episode The Amphibians.  Homeier returned
in subsequent seasons to play the mind-controlling Senator William Dennis in
the fine The Day the World Ended and Robek in the not-so-fine Attack!

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