Neptune, a nicely modified Seaview model.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea
Classic Episode Guide - "Mutiny"

Admiral Nelson is aboard the Neptune for her shakedown cruise.  The submarine encounters an uncharted deep sea trench and her instruments register strange readings, as if some kind of electromagnetic force were interferring with the controls. 
Nelson's reaction:
"I'd give a lot to get core samples." 
He suits up, and accompanied by seaman Fowler, goes out in search of samples; during the dive, a monster-sized jellyfish (coelenterate) engulfs and destroys the Neptune.  Stunned, Nelson and Fowler head for the surface and enounter a floating mass of normal sized jellyfish.

   Neptune's control room.

What's the deal with all these blinking lights?
Neptune controls go wild.


Nelson & Fowler collect samples.
Nelson dives for core samples.


Neptune ensnared by episode's bear - -a giant jellyfish.
Engulfed by ceolenterate.


Sudden end for a submarine.
The end of a submarine.

Dangerous jellyfish.
On the way up, Fowler is several times stung by the prolific jellyfish. Topside, Nelson sets to making a raft by tying off and inflating their wetsuits.  The two crawl aboard and prepare for what will be a long haul.
Makeshift raft.

The picture of understanding.  

Meanwhile, a worried Crane goes to see Admiral Jiggs Stark, in spite of being warned that, "Even on his best day, the Admiral eats junior officers for breakfast."  Stark's in a dither over Nelson's disappearance - they went to Annapolis together and he obviously cares. 
Crane complains: There are only 200 planes out there and each one of them has to cover 500 square miles of sea.
Stark responds: If they don't find them tonight, they'll search again tomorrow, and the day after and the day after that.  We can search every square inch of the area.  And we can hope, commander, hope that they survive the night.

Storm at sea.  
And survive they must in spite of the darkness and weather and the obstacles of hunger and lack of water.  The days roll from one to the next with long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.  In a storm, Fowler is lost at sea -- only the Admiral is left.

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