The storm rages on.

Voyage to the Bottom
of the Sea
Classic Episode Guide - "Mutiny"
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If I had any news I'd tell you! Bad news on all fronts. That's all I need, Captain Bligh!

On Seaview, Crane receives a call he'll initially regret.  It's from Admiral Starke, who gruffly informs the Captain that no, there's no word yet on Nelson and that Seaview's been temporarily commissioned by the Navy.  Indeed, Starke will be coming aboard within the hour to command the search for the Neptune. 
Starke: Oh, and commander, I run a tight ship.  Spit, polish and the brig.  Tell your men.
Crane replaces the telephone receiver and sweeps his arm in disgust.
 That's all I need, Captain Bligh! 


Sloppy drill, Captain.

And Captain Bligh he gets.  Starke rides the crew for days and his latest workout is a timed torpedo run.
Starke: . . . five, six, seven seconds, Captain.  Too long.  Sloppy drill, Captain.  Starke picks up the com mic.  Torpedo chief, you'll be a seaman if you don't move faster than that.
Chief Jones on mic: Yes, SIR!

Yes Sir!

An exchange between Captain Crane and Admiral Starke follows, one which sums up a key conflict focused on by this episode.

Let up on my men.
Crane: (to Starke) This is not a Navy ship, admiral.
Starke:What's that?
Crane: Let up on my men, Admiral.  You've been on them for days.  I don't run an old Navy spit, polish and brig ship.  I was new Navy.  So are my men -- and so was Admiral Nelson.
Starke: You're forgetting that this ship is on active status now.
Sparks (on the intercom): Captain, Captain -- a call for you Captain.

Crane heads for the radio shack and as he takes the call, his eyes widen.
Crane (to Sparks):
Put this call on the intercom.  Admiral, is that you?
Nelson lying in bed:Yes Lee.  Lee, on your way to the Neptune, stop by the Naval hospital and pick me up, huh?
Crane: Aye aye, sir.
Nelson: I hear Jiggs Starke has taken over the Seaview.
Starke grabs the phone from Crane:   Just till you get aboard, you old pirate.  I've been trying to pound some Navy discipline into this crew of yours.
Aye aye, sir.

The well meaning but overdriving Jiggs Starke is taken aback by Nelson's reaction.
A concerned Nelson says: Well, uh, let's just keep relaxed, huh Jiggs?
Starke (obviously taken aback): Sure Harriman.  See you in a couple of days.

Admiral Starke hangs up the phone, and Crane literally turns his back on him in order to address the joy and relief of the crew at the news that Admiral Nelson has survived.  Starke is hurt and confounded by Nelson's unexpected reaction. 

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