Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
(Mouse-over Movie Production Art)

During the pre-production design phase, submarine Seaview went through various incarnations.  One of the original concepts, as documented by  Tim Colliver in his book, SEAVIEW: The Making of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, was that of the more conventional tear-drop shape submersible with a totally unconventional transparent viewing room aft of the conning tower.  The original cover of the Voyage novel published June 17th of 1961, about three weeks prior to the film’s release July 12th reflects this early design .  q 


Another early concept is revealed in a set of pre-production paintings that was included in the June 2007 "Global Warming" release of the 1961 Voyage movie and can be seen below.  Seaview's transparent nose concept is implicit, though on a much more grandiose and scientifically unlikely scale than that which wound up on-screen (thank heaven!)  Aficionados of Seaview's classic design might cringe at the thought that Fox might have gone with this earlier (below) design.  Unlikely in any event, as it would have cost a LOT more money to depict and would have been much less scientifically credible.  Mouse over each production painting to reveal it's actual filmed counterpart.

Arcitic ice comes crashing down.
 Seaview under crashing arctic ice.  Mouse me, baby (as in, mouse-over.)
The sky's on fire!
 The sky's on Fire!

 As seen from space, the terrifying ring of fire.
Approaching Manhattan as the world burns.
Approaching the UN at Manhattan.
Battle with the giant squid.
 Attack of the giant squid!
Mines, Lee...Hundred of mines!
Mines Lee....hundreds of mines!
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