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mathis_flyler_dagger.jpg - 10968 Bytes    What Republic got from audience loyalty was as good as they gave in their 1081 inspired features, B westerns and serials released from 1935 to 1959.  Dollar for dollar they put more bang for the buckaroo on-screen than any other studio, thanks to their superbly talented people behind the scenes.  REPUBLIC CONFIDENTIAL: VOLUME 1--THE STUDIO, not only acknowledges the men and women who were Republic, but details how their unique brand of filmmaking was done.

512 BIG 9&1/4 X 12&1/4" PAGES

mathis_posters_var.jpg - 17174 Bytes      The trek into this microcosm of movie-making begins with a year by year chronology of Republic, their trademarks, and a complete tour of the lot capped with a two-page diagram mapping the grounds, all the structures and theme streets.  Each internal department and how it functioned is fully explored.  Serials receive special treatment, with vivid color renditions of all 66 pressbook cover, posters, lobby cards and promo pieces.     

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is available from:

Empire Publishing Company
P.O. Box 717
Madison, North Carolina  27025-0717
Telephone: (336) 427-5850
Fax: (336) 427-7372
Click Here for Empire Publishing's web site.

* This book retails for $175, but it's worth every penny of it in my opinion.  Publishing his series on Republic Pictures has been a labor of love for Jack Mathis.  FYI, an earlier book in this series, Valley of the Cliffhangers, now out of print, has sold on the Internet for several thousands of dollars.

--Mike Bailey

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