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Learn all about the man who directed Voyage's miniature special effects--
and a whole lot more in this fabulous filmbook.

Over 500 pages with more than 2,000 photographs & illustrations, many in color.

Republic Confidential

This is the book for you if you want to learn how movies were made in a golden era.


     If you are seriously interested in learning how movies were made in the mid-20th century, specifically at Republic Studios, I suggest you purchase and read the book REPUBLIC CONFIDENTIAL: VOLUME 1--THE STUDIO .  No, I did not write this book nor do I have any financial interest in it whatsoever.  However, I do treasure my own copy and salute the author for his labor of love in researching and writing this amazing chronicle of a fascinating industry during an almost magical era.      Republic Pictures Posters. 

    I first discovered the work of Jack Mathis in the late 1970s while hosting a television show that ran old movie serials. It soon became clear that the best of these were produced by Republic Pictures.       Aierial shot of the Republic studios.

     Coincidentally, about that time, a fan loaned me a copy of Mathis' Valley of the Cliffhangers .  I was blown away by the loving detail, hundreds of photographs and wealth of information all packed into one high-quality volume. 

     REPUBLIC CONFIDENTIAL: VOLUME 1--THE STUDIO is the most recent in Mr. Mathis' series of self-published film books, and is certainly the most comprehensive in its scope.  You'll find a complete chronology of Republic, sections on the studio lot and all aspects of filmmaking from pre through post-production.  Learn about the famous Republic serials, movie series and short subjects, as well as Republic's big-budget efforts.  Discover how the music was scored and enjoy a whole chapter on The Duke - John Wayne.  Learn all about Republic's awards and Oscars, the studio after hours and much more.  Of course, there's a complete listing of every film and serial made during the studio's history.   

John Wayne and Ray (Crash) Corrigan in Republic's Santa Fe Stampede.
John Wayne & Ray
(Crash) Corrigan

The Lydeckers at work.  

     What initially drew me to this book was an abiding interest in miniature special effects and the two men who pioneered them at Republic, Howard and Theodore Lydecker.  These two took the concept of photographing scale models for special effects sequences and "wrote the book" on how it should be done.  REPUBLIC CONFIDENTIAL, VOLUME 1--THE STUDIO includes 18 pages on their work, ranging from full-scale explosions down to miniature photography. 

     The chapter is loaded with fabulous photos, many of them behind-the-scenes shots, like those on this page.  The Lydeckers brothers' work was superior to that of any competitor because they took the time to build their models large and detailed, and photographed them in natural outdoor light whenever possible.


More trains                          and Planes
Fabulous miniatuer sets and effects of the Lydecker Brothers

     Howard Lydecker brought these well-honed techniques to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea when he was contracted by Winton Hoch to help with the series' effects sequences. 

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