Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Flying Sub Mockup Model

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FS1 Interior Mochup interior side view.   
The photos on this page are courtesy of Bob Burns , and, as he explains, "are shots of the mockup model of the interior of the of the Flying Sub.  This model was made to show, when the full-size set was built, how and where the "wild" walls would be located to allow camera access.  You can see push-pins holding the removable walls."

FS1 Interior Mockup front view.
FS1 Interior Mockup side view 2.
These shots show front (left) and side (right) views of the Flying Sub cardboard mockup model.  The cardboard cutout figure at the left in both photos above, is to indicate scale.  The seated figures are carved out of wood.

At right, a top view of the cardboard mockup showing the two seats and the top deck hatch.  There were a total of 5 moveable "wild" walls.  Models such as this aided greatly in the design and construction of sets.

  FS1 Interior Mockup top view.

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