Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Photos of the original Flying Sub.

Top View
Rear View

     The photos on this page were provided to this site by producer and film historian Bob Burns .  They are all of one of the original Flying Sub models (acquired by Mr. Burns after the ABC Television run of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea).  All photos on the page are of the same model, the one used for all of the flying sequences.  There were several other models of different scale and function used for filming different types of underwater underwater shots.
     The rectangular pattern seen on the view above left is suspected by Mr. Burns to be an access plate It is possible that this access was added during one of the model's several modifications.  The construction of the model is from fiberglass and metal.  Thanks to Bob  for sharing these photos.

Of The

      Top Deck Hatch

Front View
A head-on shot of the Flying Sub model used by Howard Lydecker for the flying effects shots.  The front lights were missing by the time Bob Burns acquired the model.  The window ports are actually dark mirrors that reflected the sky during filming.
Side-view of the Flying Sub.
Side VIew

Closer angled rear-vew.

bluebul_rotated_up.gif - 861 Bytes Close-up shot of the engine exhausts and door hatch. 
This section is constructed of cast metal. 

Cardboard mock-up of FS1 interior.

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Cardboard model mock-up of the Flying Sub's interior

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