Voyage to the bottom of the Sea, Fan Art, Ed Maggiani Cel

Original Fox Voyage artwork.
Original ABC artwork
     Ed tells Mike's VTTBOTS Zone, " I originally saw the "cool" artwork from what I believe was a TV guide magazine included with a newspaper. I liked it so much I decided to "borrow" the artwork and made a few revisions. I redrew the figures and made it into a transparency, similiar to what they do with cartoon animation, and hand-painted the figures which really brought the artwork to life. I also added my own background art to make it more unique.
Ed' update.
Ed's Artwork above, created from that at left.

Ed's latest.        "Adding another transparency with the red circles atop the artwork makes it appear as if they are standing behind the glass navigational chart. It was just something that, as a fan of the show, I wanted to add to my collection. I have created over 100 different cels from a varied collection of cartoons, TV shows, etc. " 


  d   Above is one of Ed's latest, a new addition to the Voyage work he's done.

Site visitors may write Ed Maggianni for more information on any of the many cells he's created.

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