Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Classic Episode
"Submarine Sunk Here" page 3

Doc calls Nelson back to sick bay and gives him more bad news: If we hope to save Bishop's life, we're going to have to give him extra oxygen.
Nelson: Oxygen?
Doc: We cut everybody's time a little, a fraction.
Nelson: There is only a fraction between living and dying, and it's not a little -- it's everything.
Doc: He won't last another two hours without oxygen.
Nelson: I can't make that decision.  You can give Bishop his own share of the oxygen, and you can give him mine.  But the rest belongs to the men.  (Nelson heads for the door) I'll take a vote starting with you, Doc.
Doc: Of course.


Bishop needs additional oxygen.
We cut everybody's time a little, a fraction.

Evans, whose emotional outburst helped start their predicament, consoles sonar operator Blake.
Evans tries to cheer up Blake.

        Meanwhile, in the mess hall, Evans tries to cheer up the depressed Blake.
It's my fault all those guys are dead.  I did it.
Harker, who's anger at Blake has been building, cuts loose: That's just the way I see it. 
Evans: You stay out of it.
Harker: Hey, what's going on with you, Evans?  Huh?  You trying to defend him because he's trying to defend you?
Evans:Maybe I am.
Kowalski: Knock it off, you guys.  I saw the whole thing.  If you asked me, it was Bishop's fault.
Kowalski articulates what the viewer has been thinking all along.  Seaview is becoming a pressure cooker with it's corridors beginning to boil.  

When Morton returns to New London, he finds the bell still not repaired.  He decides to give the repair effort a bit more time and jumps in to help Curly and the others working on the problem.
About then, back on Seaview, fire breaks out in the missile storage room. 

Patterson speaking. Fire's broken out in the auxilliary wiring system.
Fire detail to missile storage on the double!

Nelson checking for further fire.
Nelson checks for spreading fire

Not good for conserving oxygen.
He finds it.

Nelson all fired up.
And plunges in to stop it.

Knocked out by falling crate.
Unconscious Admiral.

Nelson and Crane rush to help and become separated in the fire fight.  Nelson checks aft and finds himself in a battle to quell flames in a storage compartment. The sub shifts on the bottom and he is knocked unconscious by a falling crate.

Death and suffering are everywhere.
Rescued, and moments away from more bad news.

Crane finds his fallen friend and is able to haul him to safety.  While all this has been unfolding, the weaselish Collins has been trying to convince Evans that the two of them should make an escape attempt using the standard-issue Stanke Hoods.  As Nelson recovers, they hear Collins voice over speaker;  But they sit on the bottom, too far from the surface for the frightened man's ploy to work.

Making his ascent, Collins calls to Evans over the voice-link: Evans -- follow me up -- you can -- you can -- (choking now) Evans, help me, help me, help me . . . This is the last they hear from Collins.
Harker has heard it all too.  He approaches Nelson and Crane:
You can chalk up another one for Blake.
Nelson: That's enough, Harker.
Harker: First O'Mara, then the rest of them and now Collins.  They'd all be alive if it wasn't for Blake.
Nelson: Look, you better get squared around.  The man didn't plant that mine field.  He made a mistake of judgment.
Harker: A mistake?  That cost us a lot, that mistake!
Nelson: It cost him too; he has to live with it.  I think we ought to give him a break.  Think about it.

Nelson warns Harker to get it together.
Harker, you better get squared around.

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