Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Classic Episode
"Submarine Sunk Here" page 2

Seaview hitting bottom.

Tension oozes from the screeen.
That's enough, Harker!


Reports start coming in and the picture shaping up is not good.   Seaview lies on the bottom, C Deck flooded, transmitter out, but the intercom works.  Harker reports back that the engine room is flooded too. 
Nelson picks up the intercom:
Engine room, Nelson, report.
Engine room, this is Nelson, report your condition!
There is no answer; there will be none.
Harker walks up to Blake, the sonar operator who was on duty when all this started:
 They're all dead.  They're dead.  Just floating out there.  Dead.  Even my buddy Pat O'Mara's dead.
Crane: Easy Harker.
Harker:  I locked the Hatch against him.  I did it.
Nelson barks: That's enough, Harker!

Derrik Lewis as Obrien let's loose the marker buoy.
O'Brien releases marker buoy.

At this point, Nelson orders Harker to make a list of all surviving personnel, a necessary job with the benefit of keeping Harker busy to get his mind off O'Mara.  Crane, orders O'brien to send up the marker buoy; he does, and they settle in to wait.

On the surface and broadcasting.
Buoy broaches surface.

Finally, with a moment to breathe, Crane realizes there's no air circulation.  Nelson instructs him to check on air revitalization as seaman Collins sidles up to the Admiral with some dark questions. 
Collins:  Give it to us straight, sir, can we get out?
Nelson:  Well, we've got one chance.  It's a pretty good one.  Our position is known, we're not far from New London.  When the radio quit, the coast guard must've started a search for us.  They can't fail to see our marker buoy. 
Collins: Suppose the coast guard don't find us?
Nelson: Suppose you're crossing a street in Los Angeles a month from now and a car hits you?


A worried Nelson has no time for Collins' wining.
Suppose you're crossing a street in Los Angeles
a month from now and a car hits you?

Crane returns with bad news: the air revitalization system is wrecked beyond repair.  Nelson grips the intercom mic and delivers the inevitable morale-builder boat-wide:
  Men, we're going to be short on air for a while, but not for long.  Mr. Morton and Chief Jones are in New London where our diving bell has just been overhauled.  As soon as they get word, they can reach us with plenty of air in a matter of hours. You'll have all the air you need as soon as the diving bell gets here, so just sit tight and we'll all make it.  On the other hand, Nelson confides to Crane he guesses they have about ten hours of air left.

Chip reads Curly the news.
Morton and Jones get word of Seaview's plight.

    Meanwhile, back in New London, Commander Morton and Chief Jones receive word of Seaview's sinking and the crew's peril.  Their first reaction is to get to Seaview with the bell, but upon learning of the mine field, they realize they must repair the diving bell's still faulty guidance system first.  Morton leaves the chief in charge and joins the rescue   

Retrieved marker buoy.
The marker buoy, just retrieved.

flotilla and is on hand when the marker buoy is pulled from the sea.  He doesn't have good news for Nelson, the diving bell is still out of service with no quick fix in sight.  Curly is still in New London working frantically on the bell.  Nelson, being the man he is, after grimacing and setting his jaw, proceeds to address the crew with with the news - they will have to conserve air, but will be OK, knowing full well this may not be the truth.

At last, the phone rings.
The buoy phone finally rings.


Relieved beyond belief.
Nelson is at first relieved and happy.


Given the word on the diving bell's condition, Nelson reacts.
Chip's voice, but no bell. 

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