Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea's
Terry Becker -- back before the camera.

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Emmy-winning Director Terry Becker returns
to the screen in the Independent Film and
Sundance hopeful, The Writer

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 November 17, 2004---Los Angeles, CA--After winning an Emmy and making history as Chief Sharkey in the hit television series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Terry Becker decided to call it quits.  His career, he felt, had reached an apex - and he didn't want to go the way of so many Hollywood stars who cling to an era that no longer exists.  Becker had a family, a list of credits to be envied, and an Emmy on his mantelpiece. 

But for a man who has always been described by his peers as having too much on his plate, he began to grow restless.  So in early 2004, Becker decided to get back in the game.  He placed a call to his old friend and talent agent Bud Moss to talk to him about getting involved in a project.  Something had just come across his desk, Moss said, that Becker would be perfect for.  He warned Becker that it was a smaller project, not the kind of grandiose productions he was accustomed to, but that it was a good one, and he should take a look at it.

     Becker read the script, a 50-minute screenplay by first-time writer-director, Chad Michael, entitled The Writer.  Within hours, Becker contacted Michael, a USC Film School graduate who had barely been handed his diploma, to sign up for the role of Dr. Norman Solomon, the film's lead.
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     "The funny thing was," Michael recalls, "I wouldn't meet with any actor who hadn't first sent me his demo reel.  Terry called me up and said I wouldn't be needing a reel from him, just a meeting.  To my chagrin, he was right." 

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Writer/director Chad Michael & Terry Becker.

     The deal was made, and Becker was now the lead in a film by a group of recent USC grads with very few credentials to their name.  When asked why he decided that he wanted the role, Becker simply stated, "It's a good film."

     Becker devoured the role of Norman Solomon with the same fervor he did with Chief Sharkey more than 40 years ago, and delivered an outstanding performance.  "I gotta good feeling about this film," he says.  "And as an actor, I have learned to always trust my feelings, my instincts.  That'll never change."

 The Writer premieres December 17th, 2004, at Deluxe Film Laboratories in Hollywood. The Writer is written and directed by Chad Michael and Executive Produced by Chad Michael and Matthew Chastain. The score is by Turner Movie Classics Young Composers Award Winner, Darrell Raby. The Writer stars Emmy Winner Terry Becker, Jeff Jordan, Kelli McNeil, and Ovation Award Winner Marilyn McIntyre.

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