Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.   
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Voyage Art By Kenn Wingle

Ken Wingle tells how he goes about creating his Voyage images:
"The primary model I use is the Japanese "OZ SHOP" version of Seaview.  I bought it off the internet. The accompanying photos show how it was modified to match
the 8' studio version more closely."  Click on the accompanying photo at right to access a larger version of it listing the various modifications.


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Wingle model modification.

Kenn goes on to say, "The submarine photos are shot against a blue screen using an Olympus C-4040 zoom digital camera so they can later be cut out using the "magic wand" in Ulead Photoimpact.  I use the "clone tool" which can act as an airbrush if set up right to superimpose the sub composite on top of the back matte.  I have found good back mattes with my CD software and other sources. Some background mattes of the ocean I had a friend take, and other are Naval mattes with aircraft carriers and ships removed."

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The Flying Sub is a modified 12" Lunar Models version with super-imposed TV interior video snapshots . . . that are rescaled and airbrushed into model composite for the most realistic look.

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