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A New Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Movie?

     So how about a new Voyage movie?  There are a wide range of attitudes among Voyage fans about whether or not this is a good idea.  What if the movie turned out really bad?  What if it weren't true to the characters?  What if it ended up being a bunch of CGI eye-candy and little else? 
     Not unreasonable questions, and yet I say, what if nothing ever happens--either a new movie or revised series?  Then a fantastic potential goes down the drain and the likelihood that there will be further merchandising from the original series is greatly reduced.  Is there actually talk of a new movie?  Yes.  The news sighted below is old, but there still seems to be the possibility, no matter how scary that might seem, of a Voyage movie.  Read on...

An updated Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie.
Source: Variety June 25, 2004
Fox 2000 is updating the Irwin Allen-created Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Justin Haythe (The Clearing) has been set to write the script.
In the story, the world's most advanced submarine is sent on a deep-sea salvage hunt, inadvertently bringing aboard a predatory organism from the ocean floor.
Walter Pidgeon starred in the 1961 original. "Voyage" was also a '60s ABC TV series starring Richard Basehart and David Hedison.

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