Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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Catherine Scott Artwork of Richard Basehart.

Richard Basehart as Admiral Harriman Nelson--Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Artwork by Mike's mom, Catherine Scott.  She works in wax colored pencil on ivory colored board.  It took my mother many hours of work to turn out this likeness of the Admiral.  Hats off to you, mom.

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This painting of
SSRN Seaview is
a fine effort by
Kenn Wingle to
capture the majestic
design of the world's
most fabulous
submarine.  If you
are interested in
seeing more of
Kenn's Seaview
and Flying Sub
images,  click here
and check out more of his work.

Kenn WIngle's SSRN Seaview in oil.


wingle_Seaview_2bresized.jpg - 12308 Bytes

  For these images of Seaview and the Flying Sub, Kenn Wingle worked in prima oil colors on 1/4 inch smooth board using a combination of TV shots and details observed from original models on display.  I agree with Kenn that Jack Martin-Smith and the others involved with the design of Seaview and the Flying Sub were visual geniuses.  

Once waterborne,
Kenn's FS1 heads
for the surface
on yet another
dangerous mission.

wingle_fs1_bresized.jpg - 12502 Bytes

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