Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
     Storm's Stained Glass

    "My piece is 14 inches in diameter so
many of the individual pieces are very
small.  It's made using a thin foil that
is wrapped around the edge of each
individual piece of glass, with the
pieces then being soldered together
in a solid seam, front and back. It's
very time consuming work. I did the
design for this one - drew it and
worked out where the seams would
go, plus chose the glass for it. I went
through nearly every piece of glass in
the shop hunting just the right ones,
and my friend Jeanne Kierre, who
owns the Carousel Antiques and
Stained Glass in Dardanelle, AR 
ordered for the ones she didn't have.
Stained glass commissioned by Storm
     It took several months to get a suitable gray for the Seaview. (for some reason gray is a very
difficult color to achieve in glass) Jeanne did the glass cutting and assembly. This one required that
some of the pieces be cut with a small wet saw - the shapes were complicated enough that they
could not be hand cut with a glass cutter. She does commissioned works like mine as well as teaching classes. Amazingly, given the amount of time and work in it, the piece only cost $80. A
lot of places that do that sort of custom work would have charged several times that. But, she likes to do custom work, especially pieces that are unique and different . . .

Storm's nifty ring backed by SSRN Seaview, Aurora box-art style.
     Storm's Ring was made from a hand carved wax pattern in two pieces.  "After carving, the wax pattern is surrounded by a mold material and baked. This hardens the mold and allows the wax to be drained out.  Once the mold is fully cured molten gold is poured into the cavity of the mold and allowed to cool.  The mold is then broken so the piece can be removed--a given mold can only be used once (probably where the expression "they broke the mold when they made that one" originated). Each piece so made is unique.  The ring is yellow gold while the Seaview section was cast in white gold.  Don Israel of Creative Jewelers (in Fort Smith) is the fellow who created it for me."

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