Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Gallery--Observation Wing page 1.

The three black and white works below
are by Voyage fan, Storm.

Richard Basehart as Harriman Nelson by Storm

David Hedison as Captain Crane by Storm

Richard Basehart as Admiral Nelson      

   David Hedison as Captain Crane  

Robert Dowdell as Chip Morton by Storm


Storm was a draftsman geotech for 15 years.  She learned the trade back before everything was done CAD (computer assisted design), and works by hand.  Storm creates the drawings on drafting film, using refillable technical pens.  She works from photographs as many artists do.  This is what lends her finished works an air of extreme realism.  The originals and the prints of these three drawings are 8&1/2 x11, and are truly striking. 



       Robert Dowdell Chip Morton                                                                              



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A genuine Voyage fan, Storm created a total of six works including Nelson, Crane, Morton, Kowalski, Sharkey and Patterson.   Drawings are 8.5 x 11 inches.  If you have questions or comments, click here to contact Storm.

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