Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Richard Tesky's Movie/Season One version Seaview.

   Richard Teskey is a longtime Voyage fan and a talented model builder.  He recently sent me these photos and the text that follows...

    Hi Mike
    Here is the eight-window Seaview.
This model was created using photos , dvds,  video tapes and 2 different sets of blue prints, one from Paul Lubliner the other from Richard Knowroski.
    I also had one of Pauls beautiful 24 inch resin cast models which I followed closely but not exactly, there are some differences.

  Richard Teskey's 52 inch RC Seaview patrol the lake floor.

Just like on TV, hugh?    The hull is 52 inches  long and made of fibreglass. She is driven with a pair of 12 volt motors and an air recirulated ballast system.
Check out for some video of Seaview and a 16 inch flying sub mastered by Mike Bothello and tweeked and molded by me.  --Richard.
Seaview stern shot.

About to broach the surface.

   See more of Richard's models at Cultman TV's website. More on this model, the 52 inch RC build, link here.   Richard's 38 inch fiberglass model.  Richard's Flying Sub.  Thanks to Richard Teskey for forwarding this stuff.   --Mike
Richard Teskey and one of his favorite subs.
Richard Teskey & one of his babies.

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