Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Art by Ted Koch.
Marvelous Ted Koch paintnig of Seaview.

Ted writes:The painting of the Seaview (above) was created in airbrush. The Seaview and undersea environment were detailed with specially formulated airbrush paints. Each area that was painted required masking. The completed Seaview was outlined and detailed with various thicknesses of technical pens. Further details were added to the Seaview with color pencils, and acrylic white was used to paint the bubbles. The Seaview was over sprayed with varying coats of blue in order to create depth, and give the picture an “underwater” feel.

Ted Koch drawing from Leviathan.   

I enjoyed creating a collection of “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” pictures.  My goal was to create a “snap shot” capturing the essence of each episode. The action pictures were created with oil pastels.  First, I made thumb nail sketches of the various action scenes from the series, and chose a scene to illustrate. Next, the picture composition was 

   Ted Koch artwork from Terror On Dinosaur Island.

drawn in pencil. The oil pastels were applied to the paper to add color and action. Lastly, scene details were added with an art pencil.  --  Ted Koch

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