Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Seaview caught on camera?
Could this indeed be our favorite top secret nuclear sub taking a peep at periscope depth?

Jim Richards at recently submitted the above photo to Mike's VTTBOTS Zone.  Jim simply notes, "As to the picture, I like to think of it as: 'The mighty Seaview, as powerful as she is mysterious, cruises the wide Pacific Ocean on a Black Ops mission for the government.  At a prearranged time she rises to periscope depth for a quick look-see and to raise the mast to access the satellite for any further information they may need.  Afterward, they lower mast and scope and sink back down to the deep water where they are truly at home.'  Gee, can you tell I really like to read?"

The owner of this site asks, could this be a satellite photo?   Military in origin?  A shot snapped by some lucky civilian pilot?  Mike's VTTBOTS Zone poses the hard questions but cannot provide the answers.  Golly gee....sure does look like maybe Seaview's still out there patrolling the deeps.

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