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More of Storm's Jewelry

Storm recently rounded out her set of Voyage jewelry with two very special pins.  These new pieces, as with those on previous pages of this section, were created by Don Israel of Creative Jewelers in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Following is additional background from Storm on the creative process of these pieces.

Storm's Seaview/Dolphin Pin.  
The pin with Seaview and dolphins is Don's and my equivalent of the Navy's dolphins for the Seaview.  It would be worn on the left breast of a shirt above the pocket just like the Navy's submariner's dolphins.  One difference between this pin and the Navy's is in the size, with a Navy pin being larger.  Also, the Navy pin is solid gold for officers and solid silver for enlisted men.   The dolphins are made of gold, the Seaview white gold.

The wheel is a collar pin. If you noticed on the show, except for the Admiral, the officers only wore a Navy rank pin on just one side of their collars (real navy has two, one on each side) and had a different pin on the other side. Since I never could come up with a good shot to show what that pin actually looked like, except to tell that it was something inside a ship's wheel, Don and I designed our own. What we thought it ought to be. The eight stones in it are simulated emeralds.
Storm's Wheel Collar Pin.

Pin size comparison.
As you can see, the wheel pin is about the size of a quarter.  (This also matches the ring)  As with the ring and necklace, these were all made using the lost wax casting method.(The pins on  the show were just gold colored, without any gemstones) The Seaview in the center is done in white gold just like the Seaview in the dolphin pin. -- Storm
Storm's Ring

Flying Sub as oart of Seaview necklace.
Storm's Jewelry Recap

Seaview Necklace.

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