Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
The Diving Bell.

Stephanie Kellerman standing in Seaview's diving bell.

Stephanie Kellerman recounts her sojourn to visit the NIMR diving bell in The Diving Bell Diaries.

Luis Janeiro's Computer Diving Bell


More photos and a 360 degree tour of the diving bell by clicking

Rooftop view of Seaview Diving Bell perched on AquaTech's roof.

through to AquaTech Dive Shop's Voyage page. 

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Virtual Tour of the Diving Bell -- alive and kicking in San Diego
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Actual diving bell used in Voyage, now mounted atop AquaTech dive shop in San Diego. Photo taken March, 2003.

Seaview diving bell atop AquaTech in San Diego. Click through to their site for more. Look under        bluebul_rotated_up.gif - 206 Bytes  The above picture was taken on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 by site visitor David Sweet.  Aqua Tech  is a store located in San Diego that, of course, specializes in Scuba gear. If you're interested in scuba, click through to their site.  It's downright impressive.  And yes, that is the actual Seaview diving bell prop sitting up there.  The front third of the bell (including the access hatch) was originally unbolted and detached for filming interior scenes--yes, the interior was outfitted and used in the studio for filming interior shots.  

  bluebul_reversed.gif - 362 Bytes  The NIMR Diving Bell was acquired by Aqua Tech Dive Center in 1992. The Bell was purchased from Coastal School Of Diving in Oakland California where it had been stored since it was first purchased at auction. It was placed on Aqua Tech's roof in 1992 and has since become a San Diego landmark.
  Click through to AquaTech's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea page for more on the bell.

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Life just doesn't get much more exciting than this....these are the actual gages as photographed recently inside the Seaview Diving Bell. Wahoo!

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