Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Computer generated art by Luis Ramos Janeiro
Inspired by the episode "The Sky Is Falling."

Alien saucer races south from Seattle.
Seaview rushes to underwater rendezvous.
 Alien ship zooms south from Seattle toward California.
 Seaview alters course--destination UFO splashdown site.

Turbulent encounter.
Luis prefers the four-ported version of our favorite submarine, and treats us to a series of computer creations depicting the UFO landing and its interception by Seaview from the episode "The Sky Is Falling" as if the show were produced second-season or later.  The first image is actually a color recreation of the scene of Klatu's ship (The Day The Earth Stood Still) coming in for a landing in Washington D.C..  Voyage often borrowed footage (thus saving effects budge) from other 20th Century Fox films.  The second shot (of Seaview plying the Pacific) is one of the more successful computer fan-generated surface shots I've seen.
Seaview encounters turbulent whirlpool en route to UFO.

A smaller saucer emberges and makes its way toward Seaview.
Alien Saucer nullifies Seaview's controls, leaving her helpless (put your mouse over image) and mini-saucer emerges.

The mini-saucer rises past the nose...
...and glides down the length of the sub....

The tiny ship docks with Seaview...
...and Nelson Boards.

Final departure sans Nelson.

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