Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

     A fascinating shot of the large seaview model used in making the original Voyage movie.   Shown above, taken from an extensive promotional spread in the June 7, 1961 issue of Motion Picture Exhibitor.  Note the tubing assemblage running along the bottom side of the hull.   It was unlike Irwin to allow these sort ofreality-breaking photos to be widely released.  These, I assumed had pressurized air run through them to create foam and bubble patterns.  To get the scoop on the model, I checked with master modeler Paul Lubliner who wrote: "It's the 17 footer you can tell by the ballast slots.  I have never seen inside the windows so clearly," Paul says.   "The bubblers are for the foaming of the water surrounding the miniature as she appears while (traveling) surfaced.  The bottom of the hull has been removed for the photo as the entire mess was on that cart we've seen in the TV guide article photo."

In the future, I'll be posting more items from the extensive promotional insert in the aforementioned issue of Motion Picture Exhibitor.  ---Mike

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