Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Proof Sheet, Jonah and the Whale

Production photos (often black and white because the film was cheaper) were kept for various reasons. 
1) They had potential value for publicity use.
2) the photographer's presence created a sense of attention for guest stars.
3) they could in certain circumstances be used for referencing wardrobe by scene, and
4) were standard operating procedure, certainly for key episodes--those allotted bigger budgets because they were season openers or "special productions."  Most series would skimp weekly budget for some episodes so they could fatten others --those special episodes were often saved for use in key ratings sweeps periods.   This kind of "stunting" is still done today. 

Johnah production proof sheet 2.

Above, scenes shot for "Jonah and the Whale inside the diving bell set.  All photos are from late in the episode of the scene after Crane (David Hedison--not in view,) Riley (Allan Hunt,) and Kowalski (Del Monroe) have reached the bell and tied a cable to it for extraction from the whale's stomach.  Nelson (Richard Basehart) and Katya (Gia Scala) are relieved to find they may soon be rescued.  These shots are most likely of rehearsal and setup for the actual "takes."

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