Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Photo Session

Hows about you let me take your picture?     Hi, I'm Lee Crane, Captain of
the Seaview, and I'd like to
photograph YOU.  You seem 
like a nice sort of person. 
After all, you're visiting Mike's
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Zone, and that in itself pretty
much qualifies you as being cool.
Mike is going to document this
photo session for his site, so
follow along below.

Deep thought--now start to raise the camera.

This is going well--I'm raising the camera.

If they raised the Titanic, I can raise this camera.
Folks--even world-class submariners must line up and focus-in on their subject.  Captain Crane looks fairly confident in his picture-taking abilities.  This feeling of confidence is most likely a product of years of successfully overcoming various alien invaders, werewolves, plant men and heat monsters.

If the old lady can lift that pan, I can raise this camera.    Pretty good view.
Almost there.....yep, the Captain has you in his sights and is working on getting you into focus, for what is probably going to be an excellent likeness.  Just a little more adjustment and . . . .

Holy mackerel! It's Nathan Bridger!

Ah!  At last, the captain has you
in crystal-clear focus.

Copies of the photos of yourself just taken by Captain Crane may be obtained by sending all your doubloons to Mike's VTTBOTS Zone.  Send before midnight so you don't forget.  Order now and get a free ice-crusher.

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