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Movie Broadcast Seaview Bumper. Rock and Roll Bumper.
"Bumper stills" were used by the networks to separate segments of shows or to flash on screen in the rare case that some technical faux pax occured during broadcast.
Bumpers consisted of still-shot slides.  The bumpers on this page represent the sort of images used during Voyage's run.  Here we've got rock and roll and flying sparks.

Admiral Nelson checks out latest Jennie Craig success. Sub from episode The Monster's web
"Bumper" created from dramatic sf/fantasy-ish shot from fourth season episode "Cave Of The Dead."
Oddly enough, a bumper shot not of Seaview, but of submarine Vulcan.  Hardware or conflict being the rule for bumpers.

You're history Crane. No, YOU'RE history! From Walter Pidgeon and Robert Sterling--the Voyage feature.
Stills used as bumpers were often, though not always, dramatic in nature or of Voyage's mechanical wonders (either the Flying Sub, Seaview or some other submersible).
The above bumper was created for ABC's showing of the Voyage movie as part of it's weeknight movie series.  Movies on the major networks were much bigger events 30 and 40 years ago than they are now.

Submarine Seaview at her best.

A frame from the prerelease "trailer" to the 1961 Voyage movie.

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