Leo Penn Directs Voyage
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Director of the episode The Cyborg Leo Penn, surrounded by David Hedison and Richard Basehart.

Richard Basehart, Victor Bueno and Brooke Bundy from the episode, The Cyborg.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


I have been trying for several years to figure out the identity of the man in the middle of the unusual photo above left.  This is apparently a Voyage production shot.  It is unusual because production record photos were most often shot in black and white and fairly straight-forwardly.  This photo has obiviously taken from the unusual perspective of under the glass (I'm guessing) of Seaview's control room plotting table.  By the way, the man standing between David Hedison and Richard Basehart is director Leo Penn.  Leo Penn, father of Sean Penn, directed only one episode of Voyage --"The Cyborg"  He was, by the way, seldom without a hat like the one in this photo--he had this model in a number of different colors.--Mike

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