Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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     This ad, which appeared in the January 25, 1961 issue of Variety, is typical of the kind of hoopla that major film studios employ in heralding future projects.  Back in 1961, the purpose was to tantalize both theater chains and independent houses alike about future releases and to fan the fires of the bidding war for presentation rights. 
     It was to 20th's advantage to  reinforce the idea that they were aggressive in providing exploitable product.  Furthering this image were the names of a successful producer, a known star-quality cast, and a writer with a track record.  Notice within the add that 20th billed itself as the showmanship company, and certainly, Irwin Allen was a premiere showman.
     Interestingly, Voyage's star submarine is loosely depicted as a conventional navy sub with a suggestion of nose ports.  Possibly Seaview's design had not been finalized when this ad was put together, or the studio may have wished to keep it under wraps. 

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