to the Bottom of the Sea


Gary Cannavo's 8-footer built by Ed Miarecki.

On this page, Gary Cannavo's breathtaking Seaview model as constructed by Ed Miarecki from patterns made by Paul Lubiner and as seen on the Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen.  The nose section was located and molded off the original 8 1/2 foot surviving section by Paul.  The remainder was constructed out of 8 1/8" PVC tube (provided by Dennis deBoer) with sculpted Keel, Chines, Skeg, Tailfin, Engine Nacelle (turned at Tony Meininger's shop while "Deep Space Nine" was being constructed in Burbank, Ca.)  The Tailcone, Decking, Sail, and Diving Planes were made from Poplar or Gelutong woods.  An extension to the surving nose was made from Plexi- Glass and applied to a dupe casting (leaving the original intact.)  This finshed "pattern" is what June Lockhart is standing beside in "The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen" making this the very last "Genuine 20th Century Fox, Seaview Miniature."  Paul Lubliner was "Property Master" on that shoot--check out the credits.  These pictures have your interest peaked?  Click through for Seaview to see more of this incredible project.  Click through for control room.  Then there's the control room exposed .  You will have to use your "Back" button to return to Mike's VTTBOTS Zone once you're done.

Once you click through above and view the first page, be sure to follow through to the additional pages including more interior photos of the control room.  This is just about the finest piece of model work done on Seaview that I've run across.

The control room.

It doesn't get much better than this.      SSRN Seaview. Like me, do you wish it was yours?

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