Voyage to
the Bottom
of the Sea

Movie black & white
and b&w tinted promo shots.


Irwin Allen at 1961 movie preview presentation.
Peter Lorre posed publicity shot.
Barbara Eden, Joan Fontain, Peter Lorre, Walter Pidgeon.
Barbara Eden and Robert Sterling posed publicity shoot

John Litel as Admiral B.J. Crawford Robert Sterling publicity shot.
Robert Sterling Conners
Walter Pidgeon and Joan Fontain posed publicity shot.

Peter Lorre, Barbara Eden, Joan Fontain, Robert Sterling and Frankie Avalon in sickbay.  
Joan Fontain and Barbara Eden--surprise!
  Frankie Avalone, Walter Pidgeon, Peter Lorre and Robert Sterling survey fowled mine.

Walter Pidgeon, Robert Sterling and Barbara Eden in the missile room.  
Undersea explorer.
Giant squid fight 1.

Giant squid fight 2.  
  Joan Fontain, John Litel, Robert Sterling, Barbara Eden, Michael Ansara and Frankie Avalon in missile room.

The Derelect.
  Admiral Nelson posed in control room.

Diving to save the world 2.

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