Thanks to Christopher Krieg for this delightful montage from the episode "Doomsday."  Christopher writes: "I served in the active duty Navy for the past four years as a media specialist.   I have a four year degree in digital imaging or computer graphics from the University of Maryland, and I'm scheduled to go back into the Navy to serve again overseas.  I've been a fan of Irwin Allen's various sf productions for some time now, mostly due to Lost In Space, and I have a web site dedicated to the technical aspects of the Jupiter 2 at jupitertwo.com.   I also like Irwin Allen's other science fiction series, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants.  I mostly got inspired to serve in the Navy because of Voyage.  I did participate in a crossing the equator initiation but of course they didn't allow any photographs!  I put this montage together because I thought it was cool that they celebrated one of these great naval traditions on Voyage..."

We wish Christopher the very best in his future endeavors and says thanks big time permission to post this wonderful montage.  ---Mike

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