Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Alvarez holds Seaview at bay with lifted munition.
A view of the upper part of the nose never seen in the TV series.

Movie-version Seaview interiors.

Great shot of principals in the nose.         Nelson and Chip Romano check fouled mine cable in the Voyage feature.
The Observation Nose in the Voyage feature wows both visiting statesmen (sorry PC conscious people--it was the sixties) and viewer alike.  But what's the deal with the shag carpet?  Oh, yeah--it was the sixties.  Note the strategically placed ashtray for the Admiral's spent stogies.  

Production record photo of Seaview control room.      Production record photo of plotting stand and control room computer.
The control room   The end product of the creative efforts of Jack Martin Smith and his design team.  The wonderful computer was originally built for the 1957 Fox film, Desk Set and was later seen in The Invisible Boy and The Fly before making its way to Seaview in 1961.

Movie version corridore.           Commodore Emery's shark tank.
The above photos, like many on this page, were created by Irwin's production people as working records of the sets, each with its own number of record on the lower right hand side.  At left above, a generic corridor which could be dressed out for whatever the particular scene required.  Just change door signage, and you were in a different part of the sub.  At right, Commodore Emery's underwater research fish tank.  Dear God, please tell us it had a substantial cover which secured the tank during bouncy underwater explosions and fancy arctic emergency-blow surfacings.  

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