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4th Season of Voyage premieres on DVD March 31st.

Link to Moebius Models.

Moebius Models Seaview Box Art
New 39" Seaview Model from Moebius Models due Ferbruary 8, 2008.  Mike's got a feeling that this is the one.  Check out the preliminary cuttings of the mini-sub, diving bell and interior.  Wow!.   Link through to manufacturer Moebius Models or retailer Monsters In Motion

Moebius Models mini-sub.

This level of detail and apparent ease of assembly for a reasonable price (the hundred dollar range) has never before been offered in any previous version of Seaview.  Hats off to Moebius Models.  I can hardly wait.


The Global Warming edition of Voyage, although not perfect (where are the interviews with Del Monroe, Frankie Avalon and other cast members?) is pretty darn good.  Read the lowdown below, then link through to ebay or Amazon and buy the thing. s

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Global Warming Edition) - A routine scientific expedition to the North Pole turns into a race to save all mankind when a radiation belt in space causes a fiery inferno on Earth. Admiral Nelson (Walter Pidgeon) and the crew of the atomic submarine Seaview battle saboteurs, giant sea-creatures and attacks by enemy submarines as they race to prevent global catastrophe. Renowned disaster film producer, Irwin Allen, produces and directs an all-star cast including Joan Fontaine, Barbara Eden, Peter Lore, and Frankie Avalon. The stunning visual effects and breathtaking underwater photography make this one of the most respected sci-fi adventure classics of all time.

Features include:

  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD4.0 Surround and Dolby Surround
  • French and Spanish Mono
  • English and Spanish subtitles
  • Commentary by Tim Colliver
  • Barbara Eden Interview (w/optional PLAY ALL):
    • Working with Irwin Allen
    • Storyboards and Sets
    • Peter Lorre and Walter Pidgeon
    • The Sets
    • Irwin Allen's Vision
    • Castmates
    • Escaping Reality
  • Production Art
  • Production Stills
  • Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Comic Book
  • Collectables
  • Production Code documents
  • Original Props (w/video & stills):
    • Admiral Nelson's Seaview Display Model
    • Mini-Sub Miniature
    • Torpedo Rack
    • Sea Mine
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Original Exhibitor's Campaign Manual
  • Poster & Lobby Card Gallery
  Cover of new June 5th 2007 Global Warming Edition release of Voyage

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