The Dark side of
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Classic episode--"The Fear-Makers"

 I see you.....
continued . . .

Dr Kenner Makes his way to the control room and confers with Nelson.  They determine that heat will make the gas raise and cling to the ceiling, hopefully sparing their lives.  Nelson orders all available heating units activated and announces, "This boat is going to be a sweat-box!"  Meanwhile, Chief Curly Jones and several of the crew go to work on the stuck hydraulic gear. 
A hot time in the old sub . . .

"This boat is going to be a sweat-box!"

The A.C. always goes out when you need it.

So a sweat-box it becomes.
Making progress.

Freeing fowled hydraulics.

Captain--it's free!
Captain, it's free!
     Curly's repair crew at last frees the stuck hydraulic mechanism--and just as well, because the hour's almost up.  The chief high-tails it to the nearest intercom station and relays the news to the control room where control of Seaview is re-established.  Crane immediately orders the sub surfaced so the foul air can be scrubbed from the boat. Nelson, Crane and Dr. Kenner emerge onto the bridge for a breath of fresh air. 

     Davis will be turned over to the FBI and Dr. Kenner will return to his work, presumably to consider the advisability of further development of the fear gas, and Seaview sails into the sunset with the boat scrubbed of bad air and the bad-guy. 

     The Fear-Makers is one of those episodes that works on all levels.  The cast, the director, editor and special effects all work to the same end with complete success.  Of particular importance, the music incorporated into this episode, whether eerie, psychotic or frenetic, is always dead-serious and underplayed, reflecting perfectly the external action and the implicit subtext of guilt and  fear.  

     Standing on Seaview's bridge with Nelson & Crane, one of Kenner's last comments is that he feels guilty (as well he might) about having propelled their recent predicament through his invention.  (If not guilty for the invention of the gas, then guilty for not taking more care in its use--an implication suggested, if not stated.)

      Bottom-line, The Fear-Makers is a grand-slam home run of an episode.

Nice to be on top of things again.

Thanks to Stephanie Kellerman for her aid in attaining screen captures.

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