Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Those Googly-Eyed Aliens--"Journey With Fear"

        Speaking to Irwin's cheaper side is the method (flashing lights and puffs of smoke) that people and aliens alike are transported back and forth between Venus and Earth.  On the other hand, the Venusian cave set is pretty darn good.  No flat studio floor covered with sawdust ala Classic Star Trek.  As Mark Phillips first drew to my attention, in spite of their big, googly eyes, these Cenatauran guys don't blink much (er . . . at all.)

Journey With Fea

You see these hands--I'm gonna pull
off your eyestalks with these hands.
Then you'll see!  Er, not.

Guess who?

A great shot of Crane and the
Centauran head-honcho.
How much for that orb?

What do you mean I can't wear this to the ball?

Venusian badgers well-dressed earther: "I like your silver suit. Where'd you buy it?  Could you get me one?  What if I let you go and we call off the invasion?  Huh?  Whadda ya think, macho earth-guy?

Seaview captain gets adjustment of neck-bone alignment.
Wacky alien restrains Sub
Captain from taking potshots at
show's producer in latest script

Journey With Fear alien mask reporduction.
 Cast of alien mask currently being restored

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